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“Captivate your audience with captivating design that tells a story without saying a word.”

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“concept to reality, watch your ideas come to life through the magic of captivating design.”


Innovative approach to idea and concept development. Offering 10+ Years of expertise overseeing individual projects and brand development collection.

100+ Clients Worldwide

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I live in a world of infinite possibilities, preferring to see things not as they are, but as they could be.

Problem Solver!

I’m a problem solver with a keen interest in contributing to society through design.


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Unveiling the Artistry Behind the Vision!

“Let’s connect and embark on a professional journey together on LinkedIn, where we can share insights, collaborate, and forge valuable connections.”


constantly learning and applying new methods of artistry

Web UI Design & Graphic Designing

User Experience Designing




Teckflux: A Dynamic Venture

Since its inception, Teckflux has been revolutionizing the digital realm with its innovative solutions and forward-thinking approach.

Moiz Riaz

Founder And COO

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What My Clients Say?

Orior Media

From Upwork

“This was a super smooth experience – I received great service and direct communication, no dragging on and a super simple way of completing the job.”

Arham M.

From Upwork

Great work from Abdul Moiz. I am happy of the result we were able to achieve for this upwork. Anything with good communication ends well and thats Abdul provided.


From Upwork

Abdul is very hard working when given a task. He was very enthusiastic about taking on this project and I took a chance and hired him.

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Some of my Recent Work

From breathtaking motion graphics to compelling storytelling, my work showcases the seamless blend of artistry and technical expertise that defines my unique approach.


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Massive Gray Walls

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Steamboat Studio Logo

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FITFIND Web Design

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